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Lobster Feast Blog


So the first one is obvious, it’s light on the wallet! An all you can eat is one of the best ways to feed your family on a budget and make sure that everyone is stuffed by the end of the meal. Great value in every bite! Invite all your friends, pick up the tab and become everyone’s favourite friend!

Most all you can eat restaurants will offer a variety of options for parents and kids alike. Cut down on the fighting, pile up the veggies and make everyone happy! It’s also a fun way to try new foods that you normally would be afraid or too cheap to try. So take advantage and order the lobster knowing it won’t break the bank!

At an all you can eat you can be sure that the food will be flowing steadily so there won’t be a wait time for the chef. This way you can dedicate more of your vacation to sightseeing and more importantly, shopping!

Enjoy quality time with family and friends without worrying about the cost. A flat price means less stress for everyone. It’s a great way to organize large groups of friends, plan family reunions or arrange business meetings.

Whatever the occasion may be, there’s always a reason to hit up an all you can eat. Variety, quality time with the family and most importantly, you’ll have money left over!