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A Tail of a Journey

From the high seas to your plate, what does the average lobster’s journey entail?

Lobster season is upon us, which begs the question, where do lobsters come from?

The average lobster consumed typically comes from the northern Atlantic Ocean.  Specifically, Maine and New Hampshire. Just prior to lobster season, fishermen head out on the ocean to set the “pots” or traps in hopes of catching a season’s worth of meat.

As the waters get warmer, the lobsters grow, shed their old shells and fill up with tasty lobster juice. These are what’s known as soft shell lobsters, or the meatiest, juiciest lobsters you’ve ever had!

Later in the season, the lobsters harden up and move deeper offshore into the waiting traps of fisherman looking to harvest the ever popular hard shell lobster. But we can talk about that in the Fall!

Once the lobsters are caught, fishermen sell their wares at the docks to wholesalers and smaller, local fisheries who then pack up and distribute the lobsters across miles and miles to restaurants worldwide, like Lighthouse Lobster Feast!

Once at Lighthouse Lobster Feast, the lobsters are inspected for any issues and are stored until it is time to be eaten.  Which usually doesn’t take long! Soft shell, hard shell, butter sauce and bibs, we sell what you smell, come and get first dibs!!