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Top 5 Delicious Ways to eat a Lobster


  1. Lobster in any kind of pasta is always a tasty idea.  Lobster mac and cheese,

ravioli filled with lobster in a creamy tomato sauce, lobster scampi with linguine,

the options are literally endless!

  1. Lobster Roll – classic or Connecticut, the choice is yours! Lightly dressed in a

lemon mayo and of course drizzled with butter, served on a toasted bun topped

with chives, what could be wrong about that?  And if you are looking to switch it up, try the Connecticut version with cilantro.

  1. Lobster Bisque – chilled in the summertime or piping hot on a winter’s day,

creamy, flavour filled bisque is the dish you never knew you needed.

  1. Lobster Tacos – Keeping up with the latest in food trends, lobster tacos are all the

rage.  With a variety of toppings ranging from buttery lemon zest, to green onion

cilantro sauce you can’t beat a taco in the heat!

  1. And finally……..what could be better than unlimited, all you can eat, juicy, butter

succulent lobster at Lighthouse Lobster Feast!


If loving lobster is wrong, you don’t want to be right.  Right?!


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