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Looking for a way to impress your friends at a party? How about some fun lobster facts?


For example, lobsters can actually be a danger to their own kind! That’s right; lobsters are carnivorous.  A great source of protein even if they are smothered in butter!


Lobsters taste with their feet and fortunately for them they have 10 legs which makes them a decapod!  Once the lobster settles on a meal, it uses its claws to break the shell of its prey and guides the food into its mouth with its legs.  


Did you know that the largest lobster on record, found off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1977, weighed 44 lbs and was almost 4 feet long? Lobsters can also live a ridiculously long time, which is maybe why they don’t make popular pets! Or is that because of the claws!?!


Although we are used to seeing lobsters with a red hue, living lobsters are actually multi coloured; their shell is a combination of red, blue and yellow. Occasionally one of the colour pigments is missing at birth which is what explains the mysterious blue lobster that occurs once in every 3-4 million lobsters.


No matter how you crack it, lobsters are delicious and the best place to get your hands on one or two or ten is at Lighthouse Lobster Feast!  Come by before summer ends, enjoy our patios, get an ice cold beverage and inhale a butter soaked lobster!  


Don’t forget #lighthouselobsterfeast!