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The benefits of all you can eat!

Published on: March 1, 2017

So the first one is obvious, it’s light on the wallet! An all you can eat is one of the best ways to feed your family on a budget and make sure that everyone is stuffed by the end of the meal. Great value in every bite! Invite all your friends, pick up the tab and become everyone’s favourite friend . . .

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How to eat a lobster…..the right way!

Published on: April 1, 2017

It’s always a good time to enjoy lobster at Lighthouse Lobster Feast, but do you know the right way to eat a lobster? What you will need: A lobster cracker, a bowl for empty shells, a thin metal seafood pick or fork, melted butter, plenty of napkins or a bib and of course, the lobster! . . .

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